3 tips for a begginer

fevereiro 25, 2017

You want to have a better life? A healthy one. Want to feel beautiful and good with your own body.
Yes. I want it too.
Here are three tips that I start followiyng, and though that everyone could do the same :) they're simple and easy!

1. Stop with diets. Restritive diets it's never the solution. Yes, you might lost weight, mas when you stop that diet, you will gain it again, trust me. You need to follow a healthy lifestyle, eat good food, so you don't have to diet anymore in your life. If you eat the rights foods, you will achieve what you want! Don't restrict your food, don't stay hungry, and start eating healthier: eat more fruit, more veggies.

2. Start to drink 3 liters of water a day. May seems hard, but it's just a matter of habit. Increase with the passing of days. Obviously if it makes you feel bad, don't do it. What your body needs is 2 liters of water. Plus, 3 liters will do just fine.

3. Weigh yourself. It is important to have a notion of this, especially if you want to lose weight. It is not an important number, nor should you allow it to dominate you, but you must stop being afraid of the scale and begin to see it as an ally. It is important for us to know our reality, to look in the mirror and accept what we see. Even if we want to change, it is important to always be comfortable with ourselves. Believe me, this will bring a great peace of mind to our mind, and this will be reflected in our body.
"Today I am here and I am like this, but today I'll improve myself to whatever I want".

So, are you in?
I believe that, if you start doing this,you will feel diferences in your body, and in yourself :)


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